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The smallest village in Gifu Prefecture.

Higashishirakawa is mountain village of total area 87.11㎢ located in the easternmost of Gifu Prefecture Kamo County. Perimeter is surrounded by mountains connected to 1,000m class back Kiso Mountains, has first-class rivers Shirakawa flows through the center over the east and west 16 ㎞. The Shirakawa poured a lot of valley tributary, I am forming a rich natural landscape.

Altitude wealth from above sea level 230m to 1,132m and height difference, temperature also rich in change and 34 degrees from minus 15 degrees.

Thriving forestry from that 90% of the total area is forest, 73% of the forest has been occupied by cypress, cedar plantations, making it the main producer of "Tono cypress" in particular is a luxury building materials . Woodworking and construction industries that use wood to Sun, has become the main industry of the village together with forestry.

In addition, taking advantage of the privileged environment, fragrant "Mino Shirakawa tea", and has been producing delicious "summer and autumn tomato", fleshy good brand cow "Hida beef".

Clear stream Shirakawa along the highway has flowed through, Ayu fishing season is crowded with fishing customers, healing inn and auto campground provide seasonal cuisine, rental cottages, is the experience facility thriving tourist businesses, such as. From leaving the nostalgic woodlands of landscape, and is a member of the "most beautiful villages in Japan" Union.

Village of God

Temple without village, Higashishirakawa.

Higashishirakawa is "temple without village". The "there is no temple", not only there is no temple as a building, those related to temple, those related to Buddhism In other words (faith, customs, such as the altar, pagoda-Buddha) refers that there is almost no. In other words, I have tradition Buddhism itself as a living religion in Higashishirakawa little left. Of course funeral Shinshiki, no customs, such as your Teramairi.


Tsuchinoko legend.

"Tsuchinoko" was been witnessed from the early Showa era in Higashishirakawa. "Tsuchinoko" sightings will have been said to be most common in Japan. However, physical evidence is nothing without, it is said that still "phantom of the organism".

Village was formed and is "meeting trying to find the children of the hammer" in 1989, the Tsuchinoko search events "Tsuchinoko Festa" began. Prize to Tsuchinoko discoverer, which began from 1 million yen in 1989 is plus one by ¥10,000 every year has led to the current.


Higashishirakawa, Kamo District, Gifu Prefecture, Japan